We help raise capital.


We help businesses from CEE secure funding from the capital and debt providers based in the Western Europe.

We help VCs and financial institutions from the West engage in transparent business opportunities in CEE region.

Startup Funding


You are an entrepreneur leading an early stage project with international scale up potential. You are looking for seed or series A capital to develop your business.

Contact us, we will take you to the potential investors and get you ready to communicate your investment proposition.

Scale Up Funding


You have established your business a while ago. You have $1M plus of monthly recurring revenues and seek a capital kick that takes your business to the next level.

Contact us, we can help you find smart money accelerating your business, lean and fast.

Debt Refinancing


You run capital extensive projects and seek to refinance your current bank or private sourced debt to develop new projects.

Contact us, we can help you target fund providers with risk and cost level matching your requirements.

Startup Curation


Qadrum curates CEE startups and readies them for funding by international VCs. We reach and screen dozens of local CEE startups, select most promising projects and help out in their development until ready for seed or series A funding.

Contact us to be curated for VC investment.

Jobs We Do For You​

Investor Pipeline

We build the investor pipeline targeting smart money matching your project’s phase, expansion speed and scale.​


We warm up the investor leads and schedule the meeting with VCs truly interested in your business potential.

The Deal

We get your ready for the due diligence. We assist you with the term sheet negotiations and the contract conclusion. ​


We prepare you to meet the investors, speak their language and impress them with your track record, plans and the way you communicate it. ​​

Pitch Deck​

We build the communication delivering the deck, one pager and an elevator pitch, allowing us to pitch efficiently on each stage of the capital search.​

Financial Model​

We create the financial model of your business presenting its logic and sensitivity from historic perspective and your future development plans. ​

Who We Are


We are entrepreneurs with 20 years plus of corporate business experience on international markets, CEE, Europe, North America and Asia. We are utilizing the relationships with capital and debt providers we have established in the past and the network we expand every day. We are proven track record holders in business development in the field of capital markets, fintech, digital banking, gas & oil, commercial aviation, eCommerce and digital marketing.

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